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How to Help with Lineman Buckets

1. We provide the 5 gallon bucket for donations to go into. We need your help to fill them!
2. Help our Disaster Relief by shopping on our Amazon Wishlistor by donating the following items:

Amazon Wishlist  


Supplies To Donate

2-4oz Gold Bond or Medicated Foot Powder or Spray
Single Pack Electrolytes (Gatorade, Propel, etc.)
Individual packs of Beef Jerky or Trail Mix

(no other snacks please)
Tall socks (no ankle or sport socks please)

3. Decorate a bucket lid! 
Any 5 gallon bucket lid. Decorate the top with inspiring
words & art. We will attach it to the bucket upon delivery! 
Sharpies work best for creating your art!!

4. Take a picture of you with your lid & donations before dropping off to us! 
Then follow our FB page to see where it ends up!

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