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Participate Nationwide

Whether you are local or out of state, we have an easy way for you to be part of our Disaster Relief Missions!
Linemen Bucket Lids need to be decorated to deliver with the buckets themselves.
Step 1 - Click the ORDER button below and order a 10 pack of bucket lids or head to Walmart and pick up white 5gal bucket lids.

Step 2 - Set up time with friends to decorate lids

Step 3 - Grab all the Sharpies and add art and inspirational sayings for our lineman.  On the bottom of the lid include where they are  coming from *remember the bottom of the lid will have a sticker added so leave some room for that.

Step 4 - Take pics of yourselves with your lids and FB message them to us with where you are from.
Step 5 - put the lids in a box and ship them to us!  Feel free to include notes for the linemen if you like.
Step 6 - Keep an eye on our Comeback Coolers page for pics of your lids being delivered to linemen in upcoming missions!
This is a great service project for organizations like Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, 4H or any small group.

We welcome all organizations to participate!
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