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YES! We are going to Kentucky to help with the flooding. Here is how you can help. 

  • DONATE &/OR DECORATE A COOLER - Scroll down and find the "help with coolers" link to find out how to decorate them. - We are only doing coolers this time. (no lineman buckets or kids coolers.) Pickup a cooler at OS Lumber & Supply Company on Monday from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.

  • DONATE SUPPLIES - You can donate supplies at OS Lumber & Supply and Val's Sports Bar & Grill.

    • We need: Sports Drinks, Soft Drinks, Diet Drinks & Beer

  • DONATE FINANCIALLY - You can donate through our Facebook Page, PayPal, and Venmo (

  • HELP AT THE PACKING PARTY - Wednesday August 3rd, 6:30PM at OS Lumber in Ocean Springs

  • TRAVEL WITH US TO DELIVER - We are set to deliver coolers Saturday August 6th. If you would like to volunteer for the trip please message us on Facebook. 

The Comeback Is Always Stronger
Than The Setback 

We Are Comeback Coolers! 

Comeback Coolers is an organization that aims to deliver a much needed and deserved break to those who have been in the path of a natural disaster. We deliver ice-packed coolers with drinks, beer, oranges and wet wipes

to storm-ridden areas.

We also have coolers specifically for children and non-alcoholic coolers for adults. If you'd like to sponsor a cooler or donate for gas, ice or travel expenses, please consider donating via our Paypal or Venmo accounts.

One adult cooler with beer costs about $100 to supply, pack and deliver. 

Comeback Coolers Relief Effort

Coolers Delivered